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  Thanks to all the participants for attending the Regional forum and oath taking ceremony, the Librarians, BLIS faculty and students. Also, we extend our gratitude to the guest speakers, Dr. Alfredo Fabay and Mrs. Corazon M. Nera for enlightening us about the Licensure Examination and other information on the BLIS Program. To Dr. Elenita Tan for gracing the Oath Taking Ceremony. More

     To the AdNU Librarians and Staff, Mr. Arvin Corpuz, Vincent and Ms. Jhen Baldres-Blacer.  To the College of Education - Ateneo de Naga University as co sponsor of the activity, headed by Dean Arnulfo R. Reganit.  To our sponsors, Bookquick Marketing, Academic Book Sales Inc., C&E Publishing, Inc., Forefront Book Co. Inc. International Book Center for the support to all BRLC activities. To all those who are behind the success of the Regional forum and Oath Taking.. without your help and support, this event wouldn't be a successful one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :-)






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To all participants, The topic discussed by Mrs. Corazon M. Nera will be sent through your emails.. Thank you. 


 Thank you to Mr. Julius Bulario for the photos..



 Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon!

            Success is a journey not a destination. It’s not an option, it’s a calling. The occasion this afternoon started with tentative steps and now, finally you made it to be registered librarians. It is a distinct pleasure and a privileged to be with you in this long awaited day and achievement in your lives. You, who burned the midnight oil for years and poured over books, today, the flame you lighted, is burning brighter as your oath taking opens the door to more challenging frontiers. This time is also a clear demonstration of the long and outstanding commitment of your parents, loved ones and mentors. Let us take a special moment and thank them. Let’s put our hands together and give them a warm applause!

I tip my hat to the 5 young women, new librarians. Congratulations! Nationwide 2,760 took the examination last November 10-11, 2011. Of this number 211 passed or 27.61%. You belong to this number. In Legazpi, 49 took the examination and only 5 or 10.20% passed.

What image comes to our mind when we hear the word librarian? In the past, a librarian in the public psyche is a woman of indeterminate age, wears eyeglasses, has timorous disposition or austere disposition, wearing long sleeve buttoned to the neck, someone who loves books, a lover of silence. Librarians don’t laugh.

Today they are no longer out modeled. They are young professionals just like our new librarians who are here now. The changing role of librarian less of a warehouse manager to a more reference consultant for teachers and students while still retaining the instructional focus that has always been a part of the position. May I know if the librarians today still say “SHHH”?

            Friends, today is a gift that’s why it is called present. My dear librarians you are gifted with skills, talents and abilities. The old saying states, to whom much is given, much is expected. As librarians, you are very fortunate to have been given such qualities, however you are accountable for the knowledge, skills and abilities God has blessed you with. Bringing the gift of yourselves is how you express your gratitude for being created as a unique and gifted individual. The more you are blessed, the greater responsibility. Remember, ability + opportunity = responsibility. Nowadays, the demand for day to day life sometimes values are misplaced. What will happen if we don’t have the proper values? We will have brilliant crooks. The wonders of the mind are useless without the goodness of the heart.

            This afternoon I’d like to share with you a short story entitled “The Recruiting Game” which can serve as our guide post in or daily lives. A skilled librarian died and arrived before St. Peter, who explained, we have this little policy of allowing you to choose whether you want to spend eternity in heaven or in hell”. How do I know which to choose?” the librarian asked. “That’s easy,” said St. Peter. You have to spend a day in each place before making a decision.

            With that he put the librarian on an elevator and sent her down to hell. The elevator doors opened and the librarian found herself in a sunny garden, where many former friends and colleagues warmly greeted her. She had a great time all day laughing and talking about odd times. That night she had an excellent supper in a fantastic restaurant. She even met the devil, who turned out to be a pretty nice guy. Before she knew it, her day in hell was over and she returned to heaven. The day in heaven was okay. She lounged around on clouds, sang and played the harp. At the end of the day, St. Peter came and asked for her decision. “Well heaven was great and all,” the professional said, but I had a better time in hell. I know it sounds strange but I choose hell.” With that, she got in the elevator and went back down.

            When the doors opened, she saw a desolate covered in garbage and filth. Her friends, dressed in rags, were picking up garbage and putting it in sacks. When the devil walked over, she said to him, I don’t understand. Yesterday this place was beautiful. We had a delicious meal and a wonderful time laughing and talking.” The devil smiled and said, “Yesterday we were recruiting you. Today you’re a staff.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are now registered librarians. Allow this story to encourage you to know that in the performance of our work always remember we are like pencils. Everything we do always leave a mark. We can always count the mistakes we make. What is important is inside us. In life, we will undergo painful sharpening which will make us a better pencil. The most important is to be the best pencil we can be. We must allow ourselves to be guided by the Hand that holds. Allow this parable of the pencil to encourage you to know that you are a special person and only you can fulfill the purpose to which you were born to accomplish. Always remember and never forget these lessons and you will become the best librarians you can be. In like manner watch your thoughts, they become your words, watch your words, they become your actions, watch your actions, they become your habit, watch your habit, they become your character, watch your character, it becomes your Destiny!

Again Congratulations and Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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