To:      All BRLC Members

From:  BRLC President

Dear Members,


As agreed upon in a meeting of the BRLC officers, an identification card shall be issued to all paid members, licensed and unlicensed. The purpose of this is to identify and recognize that you are a member of a professional organization in the region. There will be no distinction between the ID of licensed and non-licensed librarian, except that for those who are licensed, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) number will be indicated on the ID.

For those who wish to avail of the said ID please fill-up the BRLC form provided and send your scanned picture (passport size) or give it to the nearest BRLC officers you know (posted in this webpage). Every member shall pay his/ her annual dues of Php 150.00 to the treasurer - Mrs. Imelda D. Belale,  of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC)- Naga Campus. For those who have paid their dues this year 2011, you will automatically receive an ID upon completion of the BRLC form  and providing a photo.

Thank you.