PLAI-Bicol Region Librarians Council

Calling all Librarians and Libraries to be the "featured of the month". Simply send in you write-up to the e-mail address of and you will be notified with the schedule the month that you will be featured in this webpage. Details needed are: for Librarians - Name, address, highest educational attainment, position designation, workplace, accomplishments and future plans. For Libraries: Short introduction, services, strength and challenges and future expansion and contacts. Also please include a photo to be inserted in the article.

This idea came up with the objective of promoting Libraries in Region V, having good services and collections to offer not only to the their clients but also to the community of the Bicol Region. Most especially, the Librarians, who are behind the success of every libraries serving patron needs and coping with the challenges of modern technology or Librarians who had exemplary recognition and achievements.  As Librarians we should be proactive - this is your time to shine!

For a start we have featured the James O'Brien Library and Ms. Imelda Brazal. Everyone is welcome or you can submit a friend to be the featured librarian.

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