PLAI-Bicol Region Librarians Council

James O’ Brien Library

Ateneo de Naga University

In 1995, the groundbreaking for the new library building took place and became operation in 1996.  The edifice was named after Fr. James O’ Brien S.J. a Jesuit priest who taught in the college for 14, years.

 The James O’ Brien S.J. Library was inaugurated on November 16, 1996 it has a total floor area of 3,300 sq meters. It can accommodate over 400 users and has a shelving capacity over 100,000 volumes of books

 The building was made through the efforts of the late Fr. Raul Bonoan, through the alumni and friends of the library.

After the building was erected in 1996 the following are developments/ accomplishment  

 In, May 2005 library has installed Security Alarm System or the (RFID) after a year; CCTV cameras were set up to lessen the number of book losses and the problem of theft on personal belonging of the students. Last year the library building is WIFI ready students, faculty, and other researchers with WIFI ready laptops can access the internet.  Soon, the Smart Communications shall install equipment called Smart Tag. This is an alternative access to university’s internet service, and   problem on slow access to internet will be addressed.

With the new developments of the library, lately, the building is now fully air condition user have been doubled and also with book loans. Reading areas has been expanded to accommodate more users.


Currently, the college library has 87,282 volumes of books, AV and other resources from 32,274, volumes and over 50 titles of periodicals in 1999.   In 2005, AV materials such VHS, CDs, DVD, maps, posters, and microforms collection and other materials were acquired. A small room was provided for viewing of small groups.    

The growth on library collection is attributed to yearly increase in book budget,  donation from foundations such PLMP, Missionaries of the Poor, Rizal Library, friends of the library e.g faculty and other private persons

Electronic Resources

In 2009, online journals were subscribed. Three major databases are as follows:  Academic Search Primer, Business Elite, Cinhal, and ERIC.  It contains over 9,950 titles of periodicals with full text.  Other 10 databases were included in the package     

Other databases subscribed include Science Direct and World Bank elibrary, this is through the university’s linkages with the CHED, and the World Bank.

In addition to the online subscriptions, one librarian was assigned to organized online resources (Open Source Database) these were added and linked to the library’s portal. These are useful open access sites that scholarly researched. They contained articles from academic journals and magazine. 


From traditional access to collection in 1997, the library is now fully computerized in all its transaction. It was started on middle of 1998 from organization of collection, Online Public Access to catalog, leading services, inventory and reports generation were automated and was completed in 2000. Thus, repetitive task were eliminated, increase in workload were accommodated, new services were offered and bibliographic resource sharing and cooperation among the units in and outside Ateneo de Naga University were materialized.

 As a result, library has set up website that serves 24/7 to access the collection and service. Also, online queries thru instant yahoo messenger and email have been set up to extend its services beyond the four walls of the library.   

A Book Chute was also provided at the ground floor of the library. This is an online self check –in terminal for returning of books borrowed. This frees the staff member to handle check in of materials and saves time of the borrower from going the section were materials was borrowed.    


Recently, the library has 15 full time staff and 50 student assistants.

ten (10) of which are license librarians.  Four of them have master’s degree under FACDEV support. One of them is working on her master thesis at University of the Philippines. 

Most of them were sent to local, national as well as international conferences, trainings and seminars- workshop to update themselves with current trends in library Bench marking tours of librarians and staff have been done to observe the best practices various colleges and universities here and abroad.    


Ø  The Establishment of Knowledge for Development Center at the library  that provides  up to date local  and international information source

Ø  A recipient of Japan Foundation that provide books on various discipline under Library Program for one year.

Ø   A recipient of Philippine E-library Project granted by the CHED to access the Science Direct online resources that contains 2,500 titles of journals and 6,000 titles electronic books. 

Ø  In partnership with the Colleges and Universities in Bicol shares resources through Library Exchange Programs researches published by the respective institution.


Other project initiated by the library

Ø   University Archives – In 2001, the library organized the university documents, photos and papers pertaining to the history and development of the university. A room was set up and used as repository of university documents. This is maintained by one librarian who works on a part-time basis. Digitalization of and other rare documents such as Yearbooks (Pillars) dated 1959 to date are now in digital format. 

Ø   University Union Catalog – Books and other materials of various colleges, institutes and Centers has been catalog and classified according to LC classification and bibliographic records have been incorporated in the library’s book database to make it accessible and maximize the use information sources of the university.

Ø  Spearheaded the compilation and creation of database for Theses and Dissertation Abstract, a collection of researches from colleges and universities in the Bicol Region. The said collection is now online through the library website.

Areas for Growth

Ø  A comprehensive collection development plan to ensure a well balance collection that will address the needs of the academic community.

Ø  A vigorous staff development program that will address the needs of changing library environment.

Ø  A “one stop shop” concept  on access  to collection  and services of  library client.

Ø  New technology that could improve the access to information and services

Ø  Strengthen the partnership with private and government institutions      


Ø  Rapid change on information and technology

Ø  Inflation in the price of scholarly resources 

Ø  Changing perception of client (user) regarding the role of the library.

Ø  Restrictive copyright and licensing agreement




Dhang as fondly called by her friends, is a graduate of Bachelor in Library and Information Science at Ateneo de Naga University. She hails in San Felipe, Naga City and a second daughter among the breed of four.

This lady is not only charming but definitely stands out with her achievement as the 5th placer of the last November 2010 Board for Librarians Exams. Aside from that, she is one of the recipients of 2011 mayoral award given by the Naga City Government for setting a good example to the youth of Naga and Bicol for her achievements as a City scholar, at the same time as student assistant in Ateneo de Naga University – James O’Brien Library.

As for her future career plans, she is planning to take a master's degree in the same field. Dhang is currently employed as Periodical Librarian at Ateneo de Naga University.

Congratulations Dhang!

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