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Dr. Rolando Pascua Oloteo

The Oragon Librarian 2013

             The word “Oragon” was coined after the term “orag” which means having the guts, nerves or that extraordinary attitude to achieve things which somehow proves to be a difficult task, a word that would best suit for this man. On account of his unbounded efforts as a librarian, it is timely then to recognize Dr. Rolando P. Oloteo as this year’s recipient for the Search for Oragon Librarian. He is indeed much noteworthy to receive this award for his sheer devotion for his work and for being enlivened throughout the years, imparting superior knowledge on his field. With extensive study, this man had continually broadened the scope of his expertise, and no later than now, Bicol was already cognizant of his achievements. 

              Dr. Rolando P. Oloteo has taken his primary and intermediate schooling at Sta. Cruz Elementary School on here in Naga City. At an early age he has cultivated well his knowledge that later on have guaranteed him to be an achiever. He has finished his high school at the University of Nueva Caceres. At the same university, he has acquired his Bachelor’s Degree on Secondary Education Major in Library Science on October 14, 1995, withstanding every adversary that hinders his way towards reaching his goal.

               After a few months from graduation, he started working at La Consolacion College as a School Librarian.  He has stayed there from June 1, 1996 until March 31, 1998. By then, he has seized for an opportunity in serving his Alma Mater. From April 16, 1998 until November 2, 1999, he took the position as Director of Libraries at University of Nueva Caceres. He has remained dynamic and knowing that this was not yet the end most of his journey, he eventually settled at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture as Head Librarian on November 4, 1999 up to present. From there, he has mastered the intricate details of library services and management and delve into further studies.

                To maximize his skills, he took the preliminary steps by earning his Master’s Degree in Library Science at University of Nueva Caceres. Purposeful in his effort, he has completed the course on March 30, 2007. Remaining as an effectual librarian, he has still pursued a Doctorate Degree and fulfilled it on April 5, 2013 at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture. 

                Moreover, he has given recognition by the Philippines Librarians Association, Inc. for contributing to the establishment of the Bicol Region Librarians Council on November 26, 2004. He administered and brought about the continuous growth of the organization of the organization with the aid of his fellow librarians.

         Responsive to engage into another meticulous task, he was able to complete the training for New Accreditors on September 6-9, 2010 at Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City. Hereafter, he was able to render his expert service at different institutions. He was recognized for his valuable assistance and significant contributions during a series of accreditations.

          Likewise, he was also a speaker on a number of seminars, administering talks and lectures with regards to Library Science and related subject. He was a resource person during the Feed backing Session and Productivity and Quality Management Seminar at CBSUA-Pili, Camarines Sur on November 25, 2009. He was also a member on the Conference Working Committee in a forum on New Perspectives in Information Delivery on September 26, 2008. Recently, he had also accepted the duty of being one of the expert reviewers on the Intensive Review Program for Bicol Region Librarians spearheaded by the Bicol Region Librarians Council.

          Witnessing what our Oragon Librarian has achieved, indeed we would agree what this famous quote says, “Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties. Passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes and seeing them gratified.” Fate may have conspired to what he has reached but it was his perseverance that put him to where he rightfully belong.

         Therefore, in recognition of his leadership, achievement and service to Bikol in the field of Library and Information Science, the Bicol Region Librarians Council is privileged to confer upon Dr. Rolando Pascua Oloteo this Oragon Librarian Award.

Given this 31st of January, 2014, Naga City Philippines.

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